Current Lore

In the three weeks since the Order to Recall Overwatch Operatives, the world slips into chaos.

Between several terrorist attacks perpetrated by Talon soldiers, Null Sector uprisings and invasions of several major cities, and a Second Omnic Crisis brewing in Russia and Korea, world governments struggle to keep their innocent civilians calm and assured that the worst is behind them. Thousands have lost their lives, and more are sure to follow, as people find their footing from surprise attacks that increase by the day.

Heroes attempt to fight back on their own accord, though remain far and few in between, until a Null Sector attack on Paris sees Overwatch’s first official activity since the Recall. Through this act, a beacon of hope shines, welcoming those who seek to uphold peace and justice throughout the world. Overwatch attempts to find its footing through international borders, encouraging past members and new faces to contribute in expanding their reach and, through that, their aid.

In retaliation, offending forces increase attacks on several fronts, putting the world on a proverbial deadline. Negotiations must be made. Action must be taken. Heroes across the world are implored to take their chance and rise up to fight these deadly threats, though not everyone who can make a difference is willing to fight in their favor...